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"Your Reliable Partner In Industrial Projects"
40th year

Mission - Vision

Besides the industrial plants that we manufacture, we make your industrial plants ready for operation through exceptional and specific applications. We fulfill your industrial requirements in line with the state-of-art technologies so that we will reach the mission of “providing services at the highest level.

Our manufacturing plants are located near to the major ports of Turkey and our location is a gateway to the Central Asia through Baku. Thanks to these, we follow the vision of continuously developing our leader position in industrial plants and applications both in Turkey and worldwide.

40th year

About Us

Since we are aware that the concrete form of “perfectionism" as a term for accurateness is the good works that we accomplish, we have been expanding our service range systematically since 1976. We, as a Turkish company, are aiming at seeing our name in the global engineering literature.
We know that sustainable success can only be possible through institutionalization and we always adopt an in-house corporate culture, we see lifelong learning as a principle and we successfully implement it. We perform full and complete works by remaining loyal to the delivery deadlines and we act with professional discipline.
While we follow and put into practice the latest scientific advancements with great preciseness in our routine works, we carry out turnkey construction of exceptional and special applications as well as standard industrial plants and we make them ready for operation. All in accordance with the specifications and requirements of the project!
With the awareness that environment is our real capital, we feel proud that with our strength and experience, we stand in your closest distance -wherever you are- in all your domestic and foreign projects.

Kind regards,
Atilla Makina İnş. Ltd. Şti.

40th year

Our Quality and Environmental Policy

Our Quality Management System requires us to follow the lead of modern technology and education; employ teamwork and data-based communication efficiently; aim at continuous development and progress; guarantee customer satisfaction without compromising quality; and increase profitability and productivity.

While we construct industrial plants, we adopt the quality and environmental policies of our clients; value their relevant sensitivities; and implement anything entailed by such sensitivity on the site. Due to our Environmental Policy and the legislation we are bound by, we minimize our wastes; eliminate pollution at the very source; and remove any factor that could adversely affect the environment.

40th year

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Atilla Makina Ltd. Şti., as a company that targets at a leading position in its sector;

  • Regards all its employees as its most valuable asset and its dynamic power.
  • Human health is not measurable in material terms.
  • There can be no material equivalent of human life, a limb and human health.
  • Thus, human health is our priority in all our workplaces.
  • Primary principle of our company is to provide our employees with a healthy and safe working environment.

Accordingly; the fundamental Occupational Health and Safety policy of our company comprises the following:

  • Follow all applicable laws, statutes and regulations regarding Occupational Health and Safety,
  • Acknowledge Occupational Health and Safety as our first priority in all our works,
  • Review all steps of our Occupational Health and Safety practices and constantly carry out improving, preventive and corrective activities,
  • Identify the potential hazards which our employees might be exposed to,
  • Do risk analysis to identify and eliminate accident risks, assess the hazards identified upon such analysis, and make sure that they are eliminated,
  • Investigate in detail the incidents and accidents which have already occurred, and ensure that the causes are studied. Keep accident reports regularly, and continuously make improvements to avoid recurrences,
  • Protect all our employees, subcontractors and visitors against the hazards,
  • Implement Occupational Health and Safety training programs by ensuring full participation to raise awareness with our employees on Occupational Health and Safety,
  • Train our employees on not only basic occupational safety but also safe operation of work-specific machinery & equipment and give them regular on-the-job training sessions,
  • Continuously improve our Occupational Health and Safety management system,
  • Make sure that Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is used anywhere and in any case,
  • Ensure human health and workplace safety in case of natural disasters (Earthquake, Fire, Flood, Sabotage, etc.) by preparing emergency plans to always remain prepared for emergencies,
  • Avoid wasteful use of energy and natural resources and ensure their efficient use,
  • Act on the principle of giving utmost importance to Occupational Health and Safety under any circumstance and give the same understanding to our employees and subcontractors,
  • Closely follow the technological advancements and innovations in Occupational Health and Safety and implement them within the company to increase our competitiveness,
  • Act in line with the international standards.
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